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Three Plays

Waiting to Crash - the Making of an American Pilot

A former military pilot takes us on a flight through his life, ending up in Washington DC where he found himself on the night of the attacks on the U.S. Capitol. He reflects on a nation that's drifted off course in the post 9/11 era--a nation on the edge, waiting to crash with a madman at the controls. A work filled with confessions and insights on masculinity, plane crashes, war, art, politics, musicals, and the need for denial to survive in a country flying on autopilot.

A Burning Good 

When a writer for a New York think tank journeys into western Kentucky searching for a connection between a veteran suicide and an expanding white supremacist group, he is stonewalled by locals. On his last day in town, an encounter with an older waitress opens up an unexpected channel into the workings of the small rural community that feels forgotten by America. The encounter will challenge the way he perceives the people there, himself and the nation as a whole, as he struggles to find a narrative that will give justice to the challenges faced by those who feel left behind. 

  & A Screenplay


    Facility Five 

After Isaac Blake, a soldier-poet, is forced to end his relationship with Rebecca Strauss, a statesman’s daughter, their true journey of discovery begins. In an America emerging from a famine and civil war, they're caught in the middle of a political fray. Isaac will be tested by a strong-willed, irreverent young woman he meets on the road while Rebecca is forced to choose sides in a nation struggling to find its footing in an election that will forever shape what it means to be an American.

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