Two Plays

Waiting to Crash - the Making of an American Pilot

Takeoff on a flight with a military pilot in the making as he pushes back against stereotypes. A Broadway musical infused reflection of what it means to cling to your masculinity at all costs and hide inside a uniform. Sit back and try to relax as you discover more than you ever wanted to know about surviving as a pilot in an industry that's doing it's best to kill you.

A Novel

Facility Five 

What happens when a decorated soldiers is ordered to end his relationship with the granddaughter of a prominent statesman? How will their past alliance and search for answers redefine them, the people they love and a fragile nation after decades of conflict?


These are the challenges facing Isaac Blake and Rebecca Straus in Facility Five, a novel that straddles both the literary and thriller genres. Set in the United States, thirty years after the last American soldier Departs the Middle East. A young generation of warriors is coming home from a new war in the Amazon—soldiers revered, and yet marginalized by the government. Isaac Blake is one of those soldiers, and he obeys the order, opening the door to Becca’s quest for answers. It will take her on a journey into America’s heartland where she will discover more than she could ever have imagined about herself, the man she loved, and the nation’s past. Yes, she’ll find the answers she’s looking for, but what will she do with them? This is a new America, after all, a nation emerging from a drought-induced famine where The Founder Party reigns supreme with a clear vision of the future—a vision to be defended at all costs.

  A Screenplay 

    Two Skies  In the works...