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The toll of war reverberates across three generations: A seven year-old boy struggles to make sense of the screaming in the night after his father returns from Afghanistan. A fifty year-old man works to rebuild his life as he wrestles with the memory of an idealistic son who came home wounded, disillusioned and broken. And at a bar in the rust-belt remnant of his hometown, a former soldier's midnight encounter brings the past and the present into an explosive, searing reality.

Praise for Outside Paducah:

It is a tribute to J. A. Moad’s mastery of narrative voice that his Outside Paducah not only plays brilliantly as a theater piece but reads just as brilliantly as literature. This is a richly resonant work of art that profoundly illuminates the complex entwining of war and the families of warriors. Moad instantly goes to my short A-list of new writers whose next work I eagerly await.

                                                              Robert Olen Butler

Outside Paducah offers profound glimpses into the lives of an overlooked and war-torn America. J.A. Moad has crafted a poignant world within these character studies, and uses a deft hand in doing so. It is a multifacted, generationally-layered work that reminds us that, in our own ways, we all live Outside Paducah

                                                                           Brian Turner

Northfield, Minnesota  

Printed in the USA

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